Why Aleppo?

Aleppo city is the industrial center not only of Syria- but has been an industrial magnet also for other countries, such as Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and other Middle East regions for many years. Therefore: 95% of all industries are located there
Aleppo is just the ideal place in Syria for the international presentation of industrial technology and machines. Aleppo is the industrial solution center of Syria and the Middle East for many years 90% of the industrial sector of Syria are located in Aleppo Industrialization is taking place at sped in Syria and for this the country is answering 90% obits needs for machines and other goods from Turkish companies
SIF is an awaited event by industrial companies and foundations especially by industrialists in Aleppo. Visitors have become accustomed exhibitors of different countries and are expecting to see industrial companies regret. At this far; companies meet and make substantial import agreements
SIF has become traditional for Syria and ALeppo. Industrialists attend the fair because they know that there will be th meeting of great number of industial companies and to establish contacts with them. SIF emphasize and supporting the trade relations between countries.



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